Christmas can be a challenging time of year for those who find themselves desperately wanting children but are spending Christmas without one. For many couples I have seen over the last few weeks, they dread this time of year and even dealing with family and friends can be tough particularly if they have children around.

It is difficult but here are my 4 top suggestions:

1. Set some time aside each day during Christmas to really build up your reserves mentally and emotionally. Include in this time things that give you pleasure. Listen to music, take a walk in nature, meditate but also begin to use positive affirmations using the present tense.

2. Managing your mind set can also be helped through visualisation. This can be a powerful form of positive affirmation and can help build up a sense of hope and belief.

3. Write a journal. Not only does this allow you an outlet for your frustrations but can be a great building block to becoming clear and positive.  Include in it what is certain in your life like your partner, family and friends to counter those things that you feel uncertain about.

4. Above all begin to make an action plan around having a baby. This can help you take back control over things you feel you have no control over.  Is your body baby ready? Are you having enough sex? Do you need to make a step to discuss IVF options?

I have seen how despair is easier to feel than hope but have also seen so often hope return once women and couples begin to take back control through planning, making time for themselves daily to enjoy things they like doing, visualising and using positive affirmations.

I do hope these suggestions help and hope you do have a wonderful Christmas.