My approach to fertility and pregnancy has always been a holistic one, having been a midwife for 30 plus years I’ve done a lot of consultations and seen a lot of clients in my London clinic, helping many through trying for a baby, pregnancy and beyond. What I enjoy about the work I do is seeing the woman or couple leave having a better sense of where they are, what needs to happen next and have a plan of action. I try to make people understand that each person is individual and there is not one size that fits all. Most women love a plan and like to know where they are going and what they are doing, but it’s easy to get a lost along the way or lose direction.

I believe that by looking at five key areas in your life (medical, nutrition, relationship,mindset and lifestyle) covers every aspect as we all have weakness in one or more areas that can be addressed.

I’m hoping to get across as many tips in all of these areas to help you and want this to grow with your input. I would love to receive questions so please email and we’ll answer those on the blog.